Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Confessions of A Windcheater

Its surprising how often its a Tuesday when my thoughts turn to having a session on the Meadows and trying to do some kind of speed work. Today looked a beautiful day if a little cold. Just right for cranking it up a bit. I felt good from pretty much right out the door and ran up beside Arthur's Seat quicker than usual, taking pleasure in over-taking a few people but pretending I wasn't trying.

"Ahah, I knew this would happen one day," I thought to myself, "I am superfit. It has all come together."
So I did have a quick run up to the Meadows. Probably even a pb.

My plan was to crank out the same session as I have done the last 2 times; run up one side easy, down the other hard. I set off a bit quick on the first easy bit because I was feeling good and blasted off for my hard section. I was going well but by 2/3rds of it I was toiling and it took real effort to finish at the same speed I'd started. I never recovered. I realised I'd misjudged the wind and there was actually quite a stiff wind in my face for the hard section. I much prefer to load things in my favour, especially when I'm not going so well. However I persevered. I was still enjoying myself and I find the run round the Meadows quite diverting with lots of people to look at. I'd quite like to get one of these wee cameras you can tape to your head and record a lap of the meadows at lunchtime. I think it would go well with music. There are runners of  all kinds, dogs, tennis players, workies lying on the grass, a few probable perverts, some students, neds doing wheelies on their bikes, 2 nannies with 3 babies each - that was a formidable sight...., more dogs...
The 2nd hard lap was less impressive - lets call it half marathon pace - for 3/4s of a mile! And it was a struggle. The 3rd lap was...well lets call it marathon pace. I was just setting off for my 4th easy stretch when I realised I didn't have to carry on getting slower and slower, I could call it a day. So I did.

And on the way home I realised why I'd had such an inspired run up to the Meadows. Once again there was that stiff wind - this time in my teeth! Oh well. 10 miles done anyhow.

Still got that glad to be alive feeling since the pain stopped so I'm not complaining. If I get a move on I've still got time to get a shower and get myself along to Run and Become for some shoes I can't really afford.

I've just remembered why I started this blog. I've made up quite a good joke about Peter . What with his having a shit at the side of the road and crying, all he needs to almost exactly parallel the career of Paula Radcliffe is that elusive world record...


Climbingmandy said...

hahaha! Good to see you back on form Mary. I've decided we should relish windy training sessions - it will be useful for the CWC. Less than two weeks to go!

Yak Hunter said...

I am thinking about it Amanda. Think we should re-name the cottage "The Olympic Village"

Billy said...

Good to see you're back running Mary. A shame you missed the Fling but there's lots of other races. Peter's good at multi-tasking, so maybe a record attempt along those lines?