Friday, 6 May 2011

Back to the Pentlands

Oh the Pentlands, the Pentlands, we'd forgotten about them! Went out for a run this afternoon from Bonaly. The weather hadn't looked very promising but the sun came out as we arrived. I had some rough route in my head. We ran from Bonaly up the hill and down the other side to the road that goes up to the Howe. We then went up Carnethy the hard way, - over the wooden bridge that crosses the ditch/stream at the side of the road and then too much contouring and stomping through tussocks, to emerge eventually a bit down from the summit. Then we ran (I walked and ran) Scald Law, S.Black Hill. E and W Kips, Hare Hill, back of Black Hill, cheaty Bells Hill (up by the fence), Harbour Hill and back to Bonaly on now beaten legs. and ouchy feet. Its been a while. Feel much better for it. Need to stretch, shower, eat etc. though so better stop blogging! Any ideas what the bird is? I hypnotised it while Peter took pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I think your bird looks like a plover, but I'm no expert. It's good to see you back out and about and in the hills again, with wonderful photos as usual. I hope your dental troubles are all over now (I still haven't phoned my dentist :( ).