Sunday, 29 May 2011

Broughton Heights Hill Race

Almost too tired to write anything. This was a new race devised by Mark Johnston and hosting the UKA intercounties something fast runner series. We nearly didn't go because of the damage it would do to our Scottish Hill Racing percentages and because we were tired. But the course looked good and, well, we decided to go for it.

I went out a wee run yesterday and was sore as hell after Wednesday's short, sharp shock session at club. (The Thatcher Relays.) Today, surprisingly, while I was warming up before the race, I didn't feel too bad. I think what made the difference was a wee wash of adrenaline with all the excitement and buzz of pre-race runners and their chat.

The rain was lashing down before the race but was replaced by lovely warm sunshine just minutes before the race start. Amanda turned up with Horatio to spectate. (Sorry no photos.) There was a good turn out of Porties including Gareth Green (running for his county), Johnny Lawson, PB, Michael Geoghegan, Willie Jarvie, Michael Nowicki, myself (coward of the county) and Tony Stapley.

It was a good, hard, kinda runnable thrash up and down and up hills till the final 1.6 miles down hill. (Total distance 6.6 miles). I felt absolutely knackered afterwards and Michael G. looked like he was going to fall asleep. Too much buzzing around the country racing even for him! Gareth did us proud but felt afterwards that he's not fit enough!

It was good also to see our pals Jim Davies and Scoffer from Cumbria. They were going so fast they had gone by prize giving which was a shame because I think they were 2nd team.

Photos by Chris Upson.

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