Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Aberlady 13

Neither of us have got any work on at the moment. Which is worrying! I applied for 5 jobs last week, lets see if anything comes of it. Peter's got some work lined up in a few weeks but not now. So what better to do on a very breezy, bright day than go a run down the beaches of East Lothian? Both of us were still feeling Sunday's 10K in our legs if the truth were told - which was disappointing. I thought I might be fresh because I didn't run yesterday. It was nice to be out anyway.

We missed all the rain in the morning by cleverly getting up late and then getting started late and it didn't start raining again til we were safely back home. I had been reading that thing in the guardian on-line where some guy has  been training with the Kenyans and now with the Ethiopians to give an inside view of how they live and train. In this article he said, amongst other things, that the Ethiopians always finish their session, no matter what or how long the session, with a series of sprints. I got Peter primed for this as our training plan for today. Sadly, I let my side of the Ethiopian team down quite badly by being completely unable to raise a sprint towards the end of the run. Peter bolted off into the distance and I kind of took it easy once he was out of sight. Another act which may not have had "Ethiopian" stamped all over it was stopping at the Gullane Super-Fry for chip rolls. Not something we ever normally do but it was 7pm and we hadn't eaten since breakfast and we were starving...

My left leg feels a bit dodgy but I'm sure a session of follow-the-leader with Gordon at club tomorrow night will sort it out.

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