Thursday, 26 May 2011


Back to semi-normal now. I'm definitely a bit tired but not terrible. Went for a 6 miler in the high winds on Monday. Tuesday night, coincidentally, 2 of our runners who we have lost to "Down South" were up so I went a run with Peter, Michael Geoghegan and Ben Kemp round and over Arthur's Seat. I hung in long enough to see how they were doing and then fell off the back, legs entirely empty of power...but it was 8.30 at night and we hadn't eaten yet and I hadn't planned to run 8 miles!

Last night was back to running club where we had a relay for everyone in the club as a large percentage of our runners had been racing at the weekend at the "EMF" or elsewhere. We had teams of five running approximately 400m, one trial time to get everyone understanding what was happening, and then 4 times continuously. My team was last, but I picked them on the basis of looks. We were by far the nicest looking with the best manners.

400m is just such a different proposition from all that long slow running. I had strange leg pains last night which I incorporated into my dreams, and I have exacerbated some slight dodginess on my left leg which is possibly my IT band or something to do with my hip. It was great fun though. I like the bit when you first set off just before the oxygen debt kicks in...

Saturday we're thinking we might have a go at the new Broughton Heights Hill race .

I've got the usual post big event lack of clarity about what to do next. I think I need to be doing shorter faster stuff to get a bit quicker again. I want to do hills because that's what the summer's for. At the same time I've got an itch to train for and run another marathon just to prove to myself I can run quicker than 4hrs! Hmmm, we'll see.


Climbingmandy said...

Can't believe you are back running Mary! And doing speed training. I tried a short run on Tuesday and my hip immediately flared up. Me thinks I maybe did something to it last week. Physio for me I fear :(

Yak Hunter said...

Oh!!! Hope it settles down. Last week was a bit of a high wear and tear week. I've got an odd sort of pain at the top of my left leg. It flared up after doing the innocent railway session a few weeks ago and then went away when I went back to running on grass. Hopefully just a minor abberation. Its very weird being in a house with nobody (Peter is working). I've got an interview on Monday so I'm reading about sexual health on the internet and talking to myself from time to time!