Friday, 13 May 2011

Airport Loop

Can you see the bum tree?

Last 3 photos c. 1998? A rare dry moment or two...

Very nice summery run around the airport loop from Cramond. Our plan was to go a run and then go to Tescos and get supplies for our trip to Cape Wrath afterwards, on the trip home.

We ran further down nearer the river than usual which was a delight - the paths are all nice and dry and the wild garlic is pungent and plentiful. Lots of ducks with ducklings that are too good at hiding to get good pictures. We went a bit too far along and found ourselves having to climb to get up onto the bridge across the Almond. Some arguing and desperate scrambling ensued.

Its really good single-track along the side of the river and it makes you feel like you're running fast even if you're not.

Quite a  lot of big black flies around which had to be choked and spat out on occasion.

We're off to the far North West for the Cape Wrath Challenge which we signed up for in the dead of winter, and feeling gung-ho at the time we signed up for all the longer races and the marathon. At the moment the weather looks like its going to be a bit breezy and wet. Last time Peter and I were there we were on bikes, with my sister Caroline, and were at the North-West tip of our endurance having cycled/camped up the West of Scotland on what must have been the wettest and midgiest August on record. On the last stretch to Durness the wind was blowing the rain directly into our faces and I remember my cycle computer cleared itself and went off - presumably having had enough of the weather. I wondered at the time if that meant I was dead, and I definitely didn't care if it did. Happy days.

Upper photos pb.

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