Sunday, 19 December 2010

No (Cross) Country for Old Men (or me)

This time we really thought we might be going to the Borders XC but the met-office warnings grew increasingly alarming thoughout Saturday until at night they were 100% sure there would be 10 - 15 cm of snow over night. Still we didn't cancel our plans, just in case, and about 2.30am I got up and looked out the window and there was still no snow...

But this morning the world was in white again and it was still snowing and at last the Borders XC website admitted that the Peebles meet was to be cancelled.

I was relieved. It was a journey I'd rather not set out on but we had a couple of folk we were giving a lift to and would probably have tried to go if it was still on...

So we hastily made up a plan B. Plan B was to go to Arthur's Seat and run around and about, so that's what we did for a bit over 2 hours today. It was pretty grey and harsh at times but there was some quite good running with the new snow improving many of the surfaces. But on some of the bits where the ice had really set in, the snow over the top just laid a trap and we came pretty close to hitting the deck a few times.
We met the indomitable Alex Oliver out there, in shorts and with very pink legs.

It must be nearly a month since I've raced.

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