Saturday, 25 December 2010

...and again...

And another run out in the snow. The temperature was definitely up and things were starting to thaw a bit, making for some patches of pretty deadly ice up t'seat.

I saw Ben Carter out sledging with his girls but didn't have the common wit to take a picture! Another easy 9 miler out today with the odd stop for taking photos takes me up to over 50 miles for the week again, which I'm pleased about. If only my sore left knee doesn't get any worse! Its only sore when I run slowly (which is most of the time) ...oh yeah, and downhill as well.

It could be very icy tomorrow if everything freezes again tonight. Semi-plan to go and meet Graham Henry and Ricky Fraser for their traditional Boxing Day run in the Pentlands tomorrow...God Help me.


Climbingmandy said...

Merry Christmas Mary! Well done on a 9mile turkey trot. I managed a lazy 3 miles round the town here before my Christmas dinner... and too much alcohol.... Have a good one tomorrow. Hoping to do a longer run along the cliffs.

Yak Hunter said...

Thank you Amanda! Careful on those cliffs. xx