Thursday, 30 December 2010

Long run again

It was a day for lovers of grey and it was a test of character to leave the lucky cat with the wine bottle tops on its ears and the hula dancing lady on top of the fire and go out and embrace the greyness.
Up, out and off to North Berwick. Peter had to work so it was going to be a solo trip. I stuck Underworld on on my ipod and tried to get through the 1st 9 miles without thinking or looking around me much. Round about Prestonpans things started  to get better. I had a stop for coffee and white chocolate millionaire's shortcake. The paths get more interesting, going round the shore instead of through town. After Seton Sands things improved a lot and I put the music off. It was actually quite a nice day.

It wasn't just me that thought so either. There were a good few people out and about. Some girl cycling her bike on the beach. I hope it wasn't her new Christmas bike...
But I hadn't set off that early and had to, sadly, miss out the very best bit which is the nature reserve after Aberlady. It was then a race for the train which I thought was at 1654. Fortunately I got there with a couple of minutes to spare. Unfortunately there isn't a 1654 train! So I had half an hour to wait. Some friendly North Berwick people came and started chatting to me about running which passed the time nicely.

Another long run done. About 23.5 miles if you include the run back down from Waverley station to home. My right heel is a bit sore - I think its a shock of transition thing from all that snow running to suddenly road running again, but all in all I didn't feel bad.

We're formulating a vague plan to have a 3 day festival of racing on Jan 1, 2 and 3 to make up for all the racing we've missed because of the snow...but we'll see.


NORRY said...

Great photos,

OH cockenzie and the bottom pans,I was brought up around the pans, loved to play around the water front.

Climbingmandy said...

Great stuff Mary! Well done on the long solo run. And here I was proud of a slow 4 miler today.... Good luck with the racing over the next few days. Have a great Hogmanay and looking forward to catching up next week!
Amanda x

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks Norry. I like that whole coastline more and more.
Happy New Year to you and to Climbingmandy!
Climbingmandy, we are missing you. Come back soon. xx