Wednesday, 22 December 2010

More snowy trips

Fife in the distance.

Stayed in 'kind of' studying til it was 3pm and I thought if I was going out a run I better get going while it was still light. It was another enchanting transition from day to night and while I only meant to go for a burl round the seat and then get to Scotmid to get the tea before the 5pm rush, I stayed out a bit longer; went up the radical road and then across the hill a bit.

The snow squeaked as my feet bit into it. There was no wind and sounds echoed.
I took about 20 shots of Leith with Fife in the distance, willing my body to stay absolutely still so I could suppress the flash and get a proper shot of all the lights twinkling away into the distance. As I couldn't get that Zen stillness I went for some deliberate camera shake instead.

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