Sunday, 9 March 2014

Water of Leith 15 miler and Bridesmaids

I had a great run yesterday. I wanted to do 15 miles because I did 13 last weekend and I have a half notion about building up to do the E2NB 20 miler. The forecast said dry but very windy, but not so windy earlier, so I set off as soon as I felt able. The weather forecast was all wrong. I think the met office team consists of someone looking out the window these days. It'll be part of the cuts. It was drizzly, and quite warm, and not particularly windy.

I thought 15 miles was a bit too long to run without anything to drink, but I didn't want any baggage with me or a bottle belt round my waist. I took a pound coin with me so I could buy some water if I needed to. I had worn a couple of tops because the forecast had said  it would feel cold in the wind. It felt warm in the drizzle, and pretty soon my buff and gloves were off and my toppest top soon followed suit.

I figured 15 miles would need 8 miles up the Water of Leith. This takes me to the long cycle tunnel on the cycle path down from Balerno. I'd been going well anyway and the next bit was great as it's downhill and what wind there was was behind me. The canal route isn't as much fun since they tarmacked it all over, but it's relatively fast and there are things to see. There was a women's rowing team rather floundering about in the reeds and there was a girl's football team looking good to my left. I was enjoying myself and was tempted to shout "go on the girls!" or something stupid like that, but I kept my lip buttoned. A bit further along the canal I bumped into old friend Liz, who I have not seen for quite some time (the day of the 2012 Musselburgh 10K in fact). She was going to pick up her daughter who was playing football...probably one of the girls I'd seen.

Coming into Tollcross would have been the time to stop to buy some water but I was feeling fine, my legs still felt springy and I couldn't be bothered with stopping and change and all that so I just kept going. The last few miles I was a bit tired and thirsty but less than you'd expect. The total route was 15 and a half miles and I was pleased to knock it out at 8.50 pace. The route includes some deep mud and some hilly bits so that isn't bad. The best I've done for a 15 miler in quite some time anyway.

I got home, and Peter, who had said he might set off later and try to catch me, was just up.
Spent the rest of the day eating and reading course work stuff.

I took no pictures today so I've put up a clip from the film Bridesmaids. Like most things in the public domain, people have probably known about Bridesmaids for ages, but I just saw it for the first time on Friday night and even though it's a Rom Com, possibly even a chick flick, it was laugh hard out loud funny at times, I was very surprised. Peter better get used to the pep talk in the clip above, as he's going to hear it from time to time when he's sulking.

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