Saturday, 1 March 2014

Water of Leith 13 miler

Moonologists will realise that not all the photos above can be from the same morning. I was surprised to find, when  I uploaded today's selfie from my camera, another 18 shots from out the window. It's becoming a habit.

Anyway, I have been too busy to write lately, but not to run. What I've been doing is shorter runs with faster bursts as I recently read a thing about High Intensity Interval Training and also because I haven't really had time to go out for longer runs. I think the timing was just right as I've noticed a sudden improvement in my pace. Particularly pleasing because I wasn't really looking for it.

Today I went a 13 miler up the Water of Leith and back via the canal and again was pleased to find I'd done it at 8.40 pace. Last year I was ecstatic to crack 9 minute miles for the same run.
It was a lovely day and there was lots to see and I'd taken my camera but couldn't be bothered stopping, so when I had a stop to take some layers off for the return journey along the canal I took a quick selfie. It would be wrong not to.

I'd forgotten that if I wear my rucksack with a top that doesn't have a collar it saws a hole in my neck. It's these little details that catch you out at every season's change.


Neil said...

Good stuff Mary we want to see you back at races soon

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks Neil. Got any good ideas for a race? I was just looking at the Balmoral 15 mile trail race because it sounds like a nice distance for a trail race, but it's £25 to enter and too far away really.

idleage said...

liking the pix a lot