Thursday, 6 March 2014

Into the grey

a small boat or a big clog?

I've got some annual leave to take before the end of March so I took the day off today. I've been far too busy and needing some time out.
It was a grey morning and looked set to be grey all day but it's been too long since I've been down the coast so I headed there anyway. As I was nearing Gullane big spots of rain were falling on the windscreen and I was trying to hold the rain off by will-power alone. It seemed to work. By the time I got to Gullane it had cleared up.

There's nothing I can tell you about it you don't already know. Lovely to get down onto the beach and feel the spaciousness and see the big skies. There was practically no-one about. I saw maybe 4 people and two dogs on an 11 mile run.

I'm in a strange state of suspended animation at work. My contract was due to run out on February the 28th, but they're trying to see if they can keep me - and it was extended until the end of March at the 11th hour. So they're still trying to see if they can keep it may be extended again - and that's what I would like to happen, but I just don't know. There's a meeting next week. Maybe I'll find out then. Makes it difficult to plan.

I've been thinking about races to do. Not well formed thoughts. I'd quite like to do Edinburgh to North Berwick but I don't want to do that much training on the roads. But maybe if my job gets extended I'll splash out and buy a pair of road Hokas to soak up some of the pounding.

There you have it.

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