Thursday, 13 March 2014

Gullane Run



Mary Shelley

Upside Down

Geese flying North

There were signs and portents. Shell collections on the beach. Geese flying North. Something is a-foot!
Another Thursday off. Another Gullane run. It was cold, but nice in the sun. I don't think I saw a soul from Aberlady to Gullane beach. Just me and the larks.The wind blew me along the beach, but then the tide came in so I went through the woods instead.
By the time I'd run through the woods at c. 7 miles I was starving hungry and I thought about turning back to Gullane from there...but I was loathe to stop as well, so I carried on.

Ran 11 miles in the end, having taken a few wrong turns.
No cheese tongues at Falko's during the week so I made do with a pretzl. Actually it was delicious. The sugary looking stuff is salt and hit the spot. I washed it down with some old car water that had been sitting in the glove compartment for some time.

I think my radiator hose has a slow leak, well it might be that, I'm having to top up with coolant about every third trip in the car. I don't dare go near a garage until pay day though. I'll just have to apologise to the environment for dripping fluorescent pink fluid into it.

Still no word on whether my job is extending past the end of the month or not, but I saw another job I'd like, so I applied for it yesterday. Nice to have a plan B. Our house-hold is all about the job uncertainty at the moment so I'm concentrating on just enjoying the present as much as possible. The future is only notional after all. No sense in worrying about it at all. Anyway, my running's getting better. I ran round Arthur's Seat in a new post-op PB yesterday of 8.32 average pace. That would have been UNTHINKABLE a year ago. Yay!

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