Sunday, 30 March 2014


T'was a nasty grey foggy fecker of a day. I was working yesterday so went a wee run in the morning. I needed, or thought I needed, to get out a long run today, so despite the fog, the cold, the piercing east wind out I went. But I weighted things in my favour as much as possible. If the wind's coming from the east then fly west. So I got the train to North Berwick to run as far back as I could be bothered.

There was something just annoying about the conversations on the train around me, about mother's day and flowers and chocolates. It was already a mundane day and now it was becoming cloying. Thankfully my mum says mother's day is a commercial invention of the Americans. She is right of course. No chocolates and flowers for you then, "mom"!

Half way into my journey I knew I was going to have to go for coffee and a bun before even starting. I had that heavy can't be arsed-ness that just won't lift on its own.
So that's what I did in North Berwick, and then finally turned my attention to the business of running.
Ach it was alright. Nothing much to see. I enjoyed the 1st 8 or so miles just because it was nice to be outside.

By Aberlady, at 11 miles, I was fading. I got some sugary stuff to eat in the shop. It made me feel kind of sweaty but I don't think it helped. By Longniddry, a shameful 14 miles into it, I decided I was no longer enjoying myself and I was going to call it a day, so I did. 15.5 miles all together and it's possible I ate more calories than I burned.

I wish the sun would come back.

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