Saturday, 28 December 2013

Aberlady 10

After having tired legs on the last couple of runs I had thought I would do a little recovery run today. However, it was a beautiful looking morning - if cold - and I decided to go and do 10 round the beach. One achilles and one shin has been complaining a bit, and I think the cold makes them worse, so I dug out my long socks, much to Peter's horror.

I'm pretty sure I look good in them, but he doesn't seem to think so.

I wasn't in the mood for chitter-chatter so Peter took off and took photos for the whole run, leaving me to get on with it. Thankfully I was feeling much better than the last couple of runs - only toiling a bit in the last three or so miles.

A quick trip to Tescos. No Hibs game. I have been doing university work ever since - well until tea-time when I found myself watching Dad's Army on the telly. Such subtle comedy full of fine nuance.

My yoga injury (sore back and neck) is doubling up as a typing injury. When my head fills with ideas and my fingers go stabbing at the keyboard I forget all about posture. I feel like someone's taking a paint-scraper up under my right shoulder blade.

Is it just me (and all the other old ladies) or do all these aches and pains really proliferate when there's a cold wind about? I'm off to bed.


idleage said...

Been enjoying your last few, thought it was time to leave a comment:
1. selfie - had to do one for application form and found it was not at all easy - all attempts look very apprehensive, better have a wee dram, maybe.
2. sore bits - are you mebbe taking multivitamins? I tried a new breed and in short time had rsi in wrist, ache in teeth and sore knees, so I binned them (vits not knees) and was back to normal in short time.
3. pix are lovely, as usual.
4.happy 2014

Yak Hunter said...

1. What are you applying for?
2. nope not vitamins
3. thanks, mostly Peter's
4. happy 2013 to you too x