Saturday, 21 December 2013

Long Shadows at Noon

Tribute to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground just outside of Dirleton

oops, zoom out again before your Selfie!

I've got another yoga injury.
Last week I suddenly became able to do a crab and a headstand with my hands behind my neck. With the sheer delight of doing new things - one of which I'd not done for probably 40 years (the crab) , and the other of which I had never done - I think I overdid it. Now my right shoulder and arm are sore as feck. Especially if I stretch my arm out. So taking photos was kind of painful today.

Poor old PB had to work so I didn't say much about what I was up to. What I was up to could be categorised as 'the usual' - up to beat the weather, out for a 17 miler round the beach. Because I was PBless I was leaving the house just after 8.

I think it's the shortest day and there was very little light about. It was warmer than I thought it was going to be though. I set off into the wind. The usual trade off - so I could sail back along the beach.
My grouchy shoulder wasn't all that chuffed with carrying a rucksack or with too much bumping around. I'd taken a couple of ibuprofen but I could still feel it. It was a pain reminiscent of when I cracked my ribs earlier in the year. I couldn't quite breathe right in or I got a big spasm. So I had to take it easy today. No thrashing around.

There were a few squalls and rainy spells chasing me down the beach. Then, right about noon, the sun came out and everything lit up. The contrast was amazing. I totally failed to take a photo of the woman galloping her big Clydesdale horse along the beach at Gullane.
Even though it was round about noon the shadows were long. So that's why it's darker in winter (duh!) - the sun just can't get very high. I know how it feels. Still it was a nice day. I was in a good mood and had a sing-along-a-Bjork on the way home in the car. Until I got to Tesco's car park, that is, and saw there were millions of cars and green and white-hatted buffoons making their way to Easter Road. Not AGAIN FFS!

Fate wasn't smiling on me quite so kindly today as last time and so I had to drive half way down Pilrig Street to get parked and walk back with my 'freezer goods' melting and the shopping hurting my sore shoulder.

Better stretch and all that I guess.

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