Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Rosy Fingered Dawn and other stories

Nice dawn this morning.

As I've signed up for the New Year's Day promathon I thought I better do a bit of speed training. On Monday I went out an 8 mile run all set to run 3 minutes hard 2 minutes easy - I suppose for the duration of the run - that's what I used to do. However, I was running into a headwind and after 5 sets of 3 minutes hard I thought I'd run the rest of the run just any old how. It was only afterwards I realised that this was a grand total of 15 minutes speed training...however, you have to start somewhere.

On Sunday night our washing machine went a bit odd. Peter gave out a loud yell - and when I arrived at the washing machine cupboard he was expressing his consternation that when he opened the door of the machine to get out his finished wash, a tide of water also came out. Neither of us could figure out how this could be a thing. I figured out how to get the machine to drain and spin. Peter's clothes were rescued. We went off to bed haunted by the specter of Christmas Fu**ed. The unexpected purchase of a new washing machine had just not been on our agenda. The drama was not over however...

In the morning the next day Peter gave out a further yell. When I arrived at the washing machine it was to see it had continued to fill itself over-night despite being off. So several hours of drips of water had trickled down to our neighbour's downstairs. More swearing, wailing, lamentations. What was the damage going to be? And how could this even be? I went and had a google and I think that there's a valve in the back of the machine that the hoses go into called a solenoid valve that stops the machine from just filling itself. Who knew? So now we're trying to get a hold of a man to fix it! Christmas is a great time for getting tradesmen.

Meantime, we tentatively approached our poor neighbour to explain what had happened and offer to try and make it right. Now, not only did he say that there was no real harm done, but did we need to use his washing machine for a few days as ours was clearly not right? What a man.

This morning I've been out for a 10 miler round the seat. Haven't done this run for a while so I enjoyed it. It was warm and sunny and I was going not too badly.

Now to add today's running outfit to the growing mound of fragrant kit and go and have a shower.

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