Friday, 24 August 2012

Rainy Run

Random rainy photo off the www.

A nice run this evening - possibly the best post AF. My legs were  tired and empty to start with. I ran 10 around Arthur's Seat on Wednesday and 4 easy ones yesterday, so this evening going out I was prepared to turn around at 4 miles and make it 8 - but 10 would take my weekly mileage to 30.

2 miles into it I was  heading down onto the east end of the Porty Prom when some overly cautious cyclist behind me kept ringing their bell over and over. "All right, all right, already!" I thought. "I hear you." But it turned out to be my friend Amanda cycling home from work. Last time I saw her was before her birthday when she disappeared up North to look at puppies. It turned out that she was going to go and pick up a new puppy tonight. She was meeting Scott and Horatio at Portobello and driving from there. Her new puppy is called Harris. It all made sense of why she has been randomly posting about Harris the island on her blog. I thought that working for Visit Scotland was finally getting to her.

So the first 3 miles of my run went by v. quickly. I had a stop at Portobello just to say hello to Scott and Horatio and admire their new van - but then a few runners went past and I figured that I could run faster than them so off I went. I'm sorry to tell you that if I pass runners now I am thinking "Hah! I've got a heart condition you know!". I did catch and pass them by the end of the prom. By then I didn't want to stop so carried on to Musselburgh and turned around the man-hole cover just before the Quay-side that marks the 5 and a bit mile marker.

On the way back, what wind there was was behind me, and it was getting a bit later so there was less traffic. There were big boiling clouds in the sky and the sea was  calm and glassy. Then it started to rain - just a little bit at first. I actually thought it could be sea-gulls shitting because there was just the odd discrete large splattering from time to time. I think we were right at the edge of a cloud. The people on the prom had noticed too and were looking up. The drops were so slow in coming and so far apart that the rain wasn't  making anything wet. For the last 3 miles of my run the rain slowly picked up in intensity until it was hammering down by the time I got home and I was soaked through.

It was a really exhilarating and enjoyable run. At 8.36 pace for 10 miles I'm getting a little bit quicker again.

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