Sunday, 12 August 2012

Carnethy Run

I dug Peter out of bed earlier than he wanted, to come up to the Pentlands to try a longer run. I told him we'd run up from the red moss car park to Carnethy and he agreed and we both realised later that we'd been saying Carnethy but meaning Scald Law, which is one big hill less. When we got to the top of Scald Law, adding in Carnethy didn't seem that big of a deal though, so we ran to the top there.

All the way along the paths there were lots and lots of people out for a walk with poles. Always a good incentive for trying to run a wee bit faster but looking nonchalant. I felt okay but my legs go a bit numb on the very steep bits. On our return we weren't looking nonchalant so much as very hot and sweaty. Lucky there was plenty to drink in the car. (Peter would say that wasn't luck, but careful planning.) Lucky for me Peter put something to drink in the car. 10+ miles and 2hrs+, I slept like a log last night.

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