Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Seat in the Sun

The met office were hedging their bets today, saying it was going to be dry but with a danger of flooding. I had to default to my 5 senses to discern what the weather was. Hmmm, hazy and warm. With most of Portobello Running Club going to Largo Law Hill race for championship points I must admit to feeling a bit left out.

I thought about going to the Pentlands or going for a run at the shore at Aberlady - but there are Olympics to be watched today and some other stuff to be done nearer to home so I thought I'd go up Arthur's Seat and see how that was.

How it was was hot, overgrown and with lots of tourists at the top. It seems like I'm better in the morning. Like the other day in the Pentlands my heart-rate went so high and then stayed pretty much around 120. I walked and ran up the steep bits. I felt fine and I was enjoying it. I think it would be a bit different if I was trying to keep up with someone else. I got stung, scratched, bitten and sun-burned all in the space of a bit over an hour, running a bit under 6 miles.

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