Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Misty midweek coastal run

Waiting to hear anything about when I might see the electrophysiologists is starting to drive me a bit crazy. Having worked in the NHS for some time I feel sure deep down inside that my referral has been lost and in actual fact I am waiting in vain. On the other hand, it hasn't been long (27 days, not that I'm counting) since the cardiologist at the Western said he would refer me - and all of that takes time. I'm trying to be reasonable. I'm a reasonable person not some screaming baby that wants their problem fixed RIGHT NOW!!! Peter said he'd be willing to have a go. We have gear cables from the bikes which he could easily thread up a vein into my heart, pop a soldering iron on the end - we don't have any way of monitoring electrical activity in the heart but we do have one of these things that tells you if there are wires or pipes in a wall before you drill a hole. With a can do attitude and a bit of determination we could fix this thing. If it works we could start a back-street practice.

I am bored and sorry to be whining on about my heart, however, that's just the way it is right now. So today I had a day off and decided to go to Gullane and run around the shore. It was sunny when I set out but by the time I got to Gullane an odd kind of mist was spreading in from the South-East, hastened by a stiffening breeze. At the same time it was stiflingly warm and muggy. I ran into the wind to start with so that it would be at my back along the beach. It was hard going and the pace was painfully slow. To be fair, it would have been slow at anytime. A couple of miles passed and I was enjoying it. The coast is very overgrown and furry. There were a lot of people out and about, mostly with English accents. Polite people and polite dogs.
I did not have a lie down on the beach sofa, for fear of creepy crawlies. Where the hell did that come from?

To my photo-journalistic shame I missed the photo opportunity of a life-time as there was a large, very tanned naked man wandering along at Aberlady beach. When he saw me he turned and looked out to sea. I had to look a couple of times to be sure whether he had white pants or no pants on. It was no pants. I SHOULD have taken a photo, but to be honest I was a bit nervous of him. What if he chased me? My speed is all gone with the heart drugs...But he looked quite picturesque and he had my sympathies. Why shouldn't he run around naked in the warm wind on a deserted beach? I ran past, and then had a look over my shoulder and saw him disappearing into the sand-dunes. The last 2 or so miles were into the wind again. Very hard slog. I tried to be positive about it but its that stretch from Aberlady on the road going back into Gullane. I've run it too many times and its both hard and boring. 10 miles done at I'm not telling you minute miles. If you could all, whoever you are, put out some psychic influence to get me seen at the Royal Infirmary and get a cardiac ablation lickety-split I'd be very grateful. I KNOW there are other people who have more serious problems than me but I am going nuts. That is all.

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Climbingmandy said...

Sounds like a fine day out Mary. Delighted to hear you did 10miles. That should clear the head a bit. All your waiting puts me in mind of my roof in Dalkeith. I'm waiting for them to fix it. ... Waited over three weeks now and keep calling them. They promise to call back... Mary, if you have the number of the cardiology unit, I say call them! Be polite but explain you are worried they've lost it.