Friday, 22 June 2012

The View from the Control Room

Well that was a different experience of a race last night. The Powers that Be at Portobello had decided that we should drag our epic 4 mile prom run into the 21st century by using a computer as well as a board and sticky label system to collate the results. This year was the 1st time so we had two systems running simultaneously and myself and Jennie were manning the laptop. (Smaller than shown above.) Quite a hectic experience really. As it happened  there was a big brooding storm outside so I think I got lucky, consigned to the GP room at the Portobello Bowling Club, where so many inspirational speeches and attempted stretches have occurred before and after our winter club sessions.

Luckily it was a Dunbar championship race or there might have been nearly no-one at all. But the brave Dunbars weren't put off by a bit of rain. I didn't recognise Brian Davidson of RunTwo blog fame because he didn't have his dark glasses on, so apologies for being a bit glaikit. It was only when I saw your entry form that I realised who you were. If I'd realised it was you I'd have tried to scare you about the Lairig Ghru.

It was no surprise, then, that Dunbar RC carried off the male and female team and numerous other prizes. I was quite glad there wasn't that many folk but apparently that's not the right attitude. I would like to see us have a small trail race somewhere with cake afterwards...

There are some photos of the race taken by Alex Oliver here.

The results are on the Portobello website here.

And now I need to go and get organised for supporting our pal Richard Dennis on his 2nd WHW race. It is pouring with rain and seems set to continue. What will we take? Maybe a towel? A hot water bottle? Wet-suit? Some motivational marching music? Goodness knows.


runtwo said...

The Central Kontroller, master of all she surveys! You certainly had the best seat in the house. Thanks to Porty for another great race, it was a really enjoyable & invigorating run, with the rain easing off in perfect time for the start. I've scoured blogland to get a better fix on the Lairig Ghru,the scariest part at the moment is the 05.00 rise Sunday.....

Yak Hunter said...

Best of Luck! We reckon 2 things we didn't do but wished we had were
1 - don't go off too hard, it seems really easy at first and then it gets harder and harder and harder and
2 - take enough energy stuff, food or drink or whatever.

Hope it goes well and look forwards to the report.

runtwo said...

Thanks - I have a stash of things to eat, sure I will get through them. Point taken about 1. - when I read about the route that's where I thought it would be easy to come unstuck. I'll try and hang back at the start!