Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rain, rain, rain

Its been enforced running for the last two days. The rain keeps falling and I find myself back in winter mood. I can't wake up. I'm always hungry. I vascillate and can't make up my mind to do anything. So last night we went out a hard 10 miler round and about Arthur's Seat. Peter hated it but once I was out there was things about it I quite liked. The foliage and weeds are just so green and furry and the birds are pretty happy with it all.

This morning when I finally rolled out of bed and saw the dark skies and the rain still falling down I could think of nothing I'd rather have than a curry, a naan bread and a pint of beer. I didn't do it though. Porridge and coffee since you asked and then surfing around morosely and pointlessly on t'internet. I've got the 7 hills race tomorrow  so didn't want to do anything too strenuous. Peter's going to cycle it and take pictures to spare his foot. What could we do today then? We drove the 2 miles to Inverleith Park and I set Peter the challenge of running round 5 times in the time it took me to run round 3 times at recovery pace. This wasn't a very fair challenge in actual fact but I hadn't thought it through - and the point wasn't really to do it but to have an aim and get out there. So out there we went in the unprepossessing hard rain and a cold NE wind just to hammer the message home. Hell's teeth.

I was a bit stiff from last night's 10 miler but not too bad. Again the world wasn't a BAD place. The best thing, we both agreed afterwards, was that Inverleith Pond is full to the brim and the gulls and coots were standing on the stepped side of the pond and you could see their feet just under the water. I've seen a gull's feet before but the coots' feet were a revelation! Like big white star-fish! No camera along sadly.

Peter took to the roads to save his new road shoes from the mud of the park so he claims he lapped me but I didn't see him and am too lazy to figure out if that was possible from our respective times. The park is pretty much 1.2 miles in circumference. I did my 3 laps without ever seeing him and jumped in the car and got the heater on. Not long after he flew by on the road shouting "just one more to go" and about 9 minutes later we were done.

I read a bit of an e-book earlier this year by some guy who was claiming that we're all short of vitamin D3, the lack of which makes us go into hibernation mode, over-eat and our bodies don't repair properly. You get a lack of vitamin D3 through lack of sunlight. He reckoned that this was exacerbated in recent years by the much increased use of sunscreen. Well whether its that or whatever, I've had  a real feeling of JUST HOW BAD Christmas is this last week. I hope the weather is just getting all this out the way so it will be nice next weekend for the WHW race

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pb said...

I think you'll find my final lap was 7.47 or thereabouts. Thanks.