Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Interval Training

Tonight I thought I'd have a go at torturing myself by doing one of Bert's interval sessions at club. Since I've been back I've been sticking to Gordon's hillier sessions which I find more diverting and there is more room for slacking off if you're not in the mood for too much suffering. Bert's sessions are relentless and there's generally nowhere to hide. 

Tonight's session was 6 X 1200m intervals with a walk break in between. I'll spare you a blow by blow account. Here's a summary; dry mouth, wheezy breath, jelly legs, yawning abysses of space, trying not to think, Bert's "encouragement", "Come on now dig deep!", inner swearing. Eventually; inner peace. I know its a bold claim, but there we were, glad not to be running anywhere, walking slowly across the grass at the end of the session smelling the cut grass and looking at the hills with no thought for the past or the future.

I did Bert's sessions constantly for a couple of years until I couldn't face them anymore and they definitely made me stronger. But could I face doing them regularly again? Don't know. We'll see.

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