Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pentland Run

A nice, relaxed run in the Pentlands today. Graham "Mad-Dog" Henry and Kathy "Biceps" Henly were setting off to do a Reverse Skyline this afternoon at 3pm. That was too hectic for us in our current "challenged" state. We thought it might be nice to intercept Graham and Kathy on their way round and maybe even film them so we set off up the Drove Road into the hills from the Balerno end round about 3.15pm.

The weather report predicted that the sky would be grey as a banker's suit, so we were very pleased when the sun came out. Up in the Pentlands the air was quite still in the shelter of the hills, but the clouds were scudding across the sky and their blue shadows were following across the green and gold land-scape. Both of us were glad to be out there.

We went over the kips and then up Scald Law and then on to Carnethy. After a while of taking photos we saw Graham and Kathy storming up the hill so got some pictures and had a chat. Kathy looked in fine fettle and Graham was horribly hungover, so struggling.

The hills seemed steeper on the way back, but its a while since we've done any hill runs, so that wasn't surprising. Its a nice long sweep down from the top of West Kip to the car park. A bit more than 10 miles and neither of us seem much worse than we were when we went out. Tomorrow's plan to support the Porties seems to be coming together. Peter's just finishing up the bicycle maintenance and I'm going to bed...
There were lots of photos but we've not had time to upload them yet.

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