Friday, 16 March 2012


Both being crocked but sick of being house-bound we headed out to Aberlady bay the other afternoon. It was an unpromising grey kind of day to start with but the sun came out just before sunset and it got much nicer. The benefit of moving slowly is we saw and heard a lot more. Peter's foot is still sore and I was snorting and wheezing. We did a laughable series of run/walks. For some reason the beach at Aberlady often provides a ball. (Though oddly, never a beach ball). This time we got a ball each which provided some diversion. Despite the fact that Peter was running like an old lady with a hip replacement he thought it was fitting to mock my football skills. The cheek of some folk.

I'm loads better so will probably try to squeeze out another long run on Sunday, but I've taken the pressure off. I ran 4 miles on Wednesday so that's my current weekly mileage tally.


runtwo said...

get well soon guys. Nice owl pic, btw.

coastkid said...

Nice pics of the Bay, my record is 14 various types of tennis balls out there on the tideline!
Happy healing to the pair of you!

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks folks :-)