Saturday, 31 March 2012


Rather disappointingly, since last weekend, I've had a sore right hip. Looking at the picture above it could be my Tensor fasciae latae (whatever that is) - that's around where the pain is. It makes me hurple in an unpleasant way when I get out a chair. The possible causes of this? Well I felt okay after last Sunday's run although my hip was stiff beforehand. And then I've been doing these funny exercises in the hope (not yet extinguished) that I could be a stronger runner. The trouble with strength training for me, is and always has been that in the enthusiasm of trying something new I can often overdo it.

I've also been cycling a good bit more than usual - but it doesn't hurt on the bike, just when I'm getting on the bike, so I don't think its that. I went out a run on Wednesday and after the first mile really enjoyed it. Afterwards it just settled in grungy again. Its not all that bad and I'm trying to keep it that way. So no running on Thursday or Friday. Today Peter and I are going to head out into the Pentlands for some gentle off-road completely non-specific training and if we can get Peter's bike fixed we'll support the Porties who are doing the London Marathon on their last long run en velo tomorrow. Reluctantly thinking I'll need to miss Portobello Championship race no.4 - the Dunbar 10K.

So I'm going into the run up to Lochaber Marathon with no idea if I'll run it or not. I'm not going to start it if I've got a sore hip. And I find I'm not all that bothered. I'm not going to turn my major source of fun into something to bludgeon myself with. "You can't push the river Man".

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Climbingmandy said...

Oh gees Mary. As a seasoned injured-hip runner, I can only recommend rest. I've rested mine since the race last Saturday. Ok thats a lie, I tried running Monday and gave up after 3miles at 10minute miling.. Tied again yesterday and today,a gain only 3 miles but it seems a lot better. Keep popping the ibuprofen. And no more core strength exercises til the pain stops!!!