Saturday, 24 March 2012


Yesterday we set off from the house in the van at about 5pm to go somewhere for a gentle 5 mile off-roady run. On our way along the main coastal road we saw our friend Amanda cycling at a sedate pace in her civilian clothing, having escaped work. We quickly pulled in and bundled her into the van. We then took her to her home to get her running shoes and press-ganged her partner and child, Scott and Horatio, into coming too. Scott is a fine runner but he has been taking an extended break involving sea-fishing, gardening, wood-chopping, any-damn-thing in fact but the running. Horatio is a good child. He has a hairy face, but there are children in Mexico like that. I have seen them on the tv. He has a few behavioural tics, but what child now- adays doesn't?

And so it was we all hit the beach just at sundown and had a good run around. Horatio had a few deep drinks of sea-water before we got there to stop it. Apparently last time he did that he did a large, soft poop on a white carpet afterwards. We were a little afraid for the fate of the van in that case. We needn't have worried as there were snores coming from the back of the van in the dark on the way home.

Great fun. Today we're planning on converging upon Pencaitland for a 10K trail race. I'm treating it as a speed session, Amanda as an "adventure", Peter really shouldn't be doing it as racing slowly will drive him batty and racing hard will kill his foot, but we're doing it none-the-less. So maybe I should wake him up!

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Climbingmandy said...

Brilliant evening Mary. You guys can kidnap me anytime!