Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lasswade 10 2012

By the time I woke up this morning I'd already run Lasswade and clocked a time of 1.18.54. Imagine my surprise to find I still had it all to do. Peter was coming along with his bike to take photos and I was giving Richard a lift so he could run the race and then run home afterwards.

It was cold and I didn't warm up at all, feeling that 10 miles would give me plenty of scope for warming up during the race. This probably contributed to me feeling that everything was very hard to start with. I felt a bit flat and had little glimmers of hangover and feelings of tiredness and defeat.

From about 6 miles it is mostly a romp downhill, so I'd perked up by this time and enjoyed it more, although the last mile or so went on longer than I wanted. I was pleased to get finished in 1hrs 16 mins - faster than my "dream time". I have run it faster in reality but not since 2007. (I've not run it since 2007).

Peter's taken lots of great photos so they should appear on Porty website etc. I am clinging onto the remnants of the weekend and have not yet stretched or showered or anything so better get going...

I should say the race was well organised, welll marshalled, there was lots and lots of food and the prizes were given out pretty quickly. Thanks to Lasswade AC.

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happy_tom said...

Great race today. Great time, well done. That's my 'eccentric' pal Finlay in the Green on that photo. Cheers