Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Click on the picture above to see me catch the train!
(How could you not?)

At last, more than 20 miles in a single run. Peter really should have been working and shouldn't have been running on the road because of his plantar fasciitis but he couldn't cope with my going an extra long run so came anyway. It was nice and sunny and there was a brisk west wind blowing us down the road to North Berwick. We got our headphones on 4 miles into it and entered the mindset of knocking out some road miles.

At 15.5 miles we had a stop in Aberlady - where we fueled up on tablet (me), a double-decker (Peter) and we had a bottle of Mountain Dew - as loved by Americans - each. The sugar and caffeine got to Peter first who despite having music on started pointing things out to me. "Kestrel!" he gesticulated wildly. I pointedly ignored him - feeling like shit and not in the mood for bird-watching. By half way through Gullane I was beginning to feel a bit better. By Dirleton I started doing the sums as to how long it might take us to get to NB and when the train might be leaving. The result? - No margin at all - move those burning legs Berty Boy! So I chugged into full steam ahead and held it. Bloody painful. Haven't run more than 16.5 miles in months. (I think.)

We caught the train with maybe a minute to spare. Result. And once the leg aches passed I was pleased with myself.

The mile down the road from the station took it up to 23.5 for the day.

Apparently you can be friends with Mountain Dew on facebook so I'm off to do that.

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