Sunday, 12 February 2012

Another shortish longer run

Okay, no points for guessing whether we got up at 7am and went for a long run or not. My alarm went off at 7am at which time I carefully considered my options and fell promptly back to sleep. At 9am the alarm on my watch went off so I thought I might as well get up but forgot to act on this, so finally at the crack of 10am I finally rolled out of bed and up.

The day seemed to have little to recommend it. It was coldish with a whitish sky. I did some practical kind of things like putting washes on and Peter emerged not long after me. He'd been fiddling around with photos til 3. Finally, we got out the door early afternoon and by 2.25pm we were leaving from Gullane. Peter wanted to run off road more than on and so we hatched a plan to go to Gullane, run back to Aberlady bay and from there go all the way round the coast to North Berwick and back along the road, which would give us 16 or 17 miles.

By this time the sun had come out and it was really pretty nice. Both of us had varying degrees of the DOMs from running the Carnethy 5 yesterday so weren't for pushing the pace. All went well until at 10 miles or so Peter confessed he'd left his money in the car. Our plan was to run without food or drink but to pick something up at North Berwick for the last few miles home. I had been fantasising about getting one of those chocolate and pastry twists at the Co-op at North Berwick and a big, cold drink for the last mile or so, so the news that we were penniless was kind of a bummer. We cut the nose off the run - the last mile into NB and therefore the 1st mile out. The sun had gone down and now it was pretty cold. Once we got going on the road and in a rhythm it didn't seem too bad. Some people only have 2 Percy Pigs for a whole long run!

I think it was the thought of running without anything to eat that was more of a problem than actually not having anything. In the end we clocked up just over 15 miles.

So.... another not very long run for a long run! Not ultra-training - not even marathon training really. And yet I feel weirdly confident that all these mid-range runs may stack up and be helpful somehow. Too bad if they aren't. I've got Wednesday off so might try to churn out 20 nasty road miles if the weather's half decent.


The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Those Copie chocolate pastry twists are the biz! :)

Yak Hunter said...

Food of champions!

Stuart said...

"Some people only have 2 Percy Pigs for a whole long run!"

Yes. But then again, "some people" are sick after just about every marathon they do - so I wouldn't take their advice!!