Saturday, 25 February 2012

Like Johnny missing Alistair

Peter hasn't run in a week. Would it be pushing it too far to compare us to Alistair and Johnathon Brownlee? Alistair's torn his achilles so he's wearing an air boot and can't train. He's missing the training. His brother Johnny is missing his training partner. Is Johnny careful about mentioning the "r" word? Does he pretend every run he goes on is so-so?

He'll be back soon, faster than ever. In the meantime I've guiltily entered the Lasswade 10 and I'm planning (if I can get up!) to go the long run with the Porty Punters at the crack of dawn. And I'm thinking I want to do Lochaber marathon - and then skip the Highland, no, not literally skip it like a girl, I mean give it a wide berth. And then I'll be nice and fresh for the week after when there is the magnificent Stuc a Chroin Hill race, which I've been missing these past few years...So I'm trying to go about obsessing quietly. There seems to be an awful lot of people injured at the moment. Must be something funny in the stars.

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