Sunday, 5 February 2012

Forfar Half Marathon 2012

Henderson, Henly and Hunter take team gold at Forfar Half Marathon! Buchanan and Henly win vet prizes. I would have liked to have gone faster but tried my best. There was a lot of ice on the course, especially the first half so caution was needed. The legendary icy water between 6 and 7 miles was strangely absent this year.

It was an early start and I have to get out to the shop to buy milk so haven't much to say. Good day out. I wasn't the biggest fan of Tennant's lager before but according to the aphorism "you must cut your cloth according to your purse" I have decided I do like it after all.

Amanda was 4th but the vet's prizes started at 40 years so she came away prize-less but knowing that she's coming back in style.

Good to be out with such a large and cheerful Porty crew. Excellent spread of cakes and sandwiches afterwards. Thanks Forfar Road Runners for a great race.


kate said...

well done team! hope you've down'd your share ;)

kerry said...

Lots of ice at the point when I was trying to catch you.
Kerry(strathearn harriers)

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks Kate! Drank a can or two in the car on the way home. Not driving though!

Kerry, you weren't "trying" to catch me. You made mince-meat of me! Nice to meet you though.