Friday, 3 February 2012

Another Longish Run

Another Friday, another longish run. I was tired after work but we're off to Forfar to do the multi-terrain (wading through icy water) half marathon on Sunday so long running wise it had to be today or not at all this weekend. Peter's got a touch of plantar fasciitis so he took his first day off in 101 days and I was going it alone.

It was cold as hell. I felt sleepy. My mp3 player was full of songs and I listened to music all the way. People didn't look quite right. Like the zombie invasion had already begun. Maybe I looked like that too. I tried to give people a wide berth.

By the time I got to the Meadows at about 12 miles I was starting to enjoy it because the end was in (mental not physical) sight. Also I promised myself a beer when I got home. Running round the back of Arthur's Seat was actually enjoyable. The sun was going down and the night was coming up fast. By the time I got to Leith the zombie invasion had started in earnest. I just had time to nip into Scotmid for some beers and some fizzy water, then get home and lock myself in before full dark.

16.5 miles. I meant to go further but "they" are monkeying with the Water of Leith and stole some of my distance. I was willing to settle.


Neil said...

whats the story behind the first pic ??

Yak Hunter said...

Antony Gormley statue stands in ankle deep river!