Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Tapir

I'm sure this isn't an original joke but look how cute this little fellow is!

The taper, the taper, it means I can do all the things that I've been putting off. Like? Like hoovering, tidying, sorting out piles of papers, washing the windows, getting the cake crumbs out the car that are STILL there from Richard's WHW last year. (How did they get under the hand-brake?) Also I don't have any work on at the moment so I've been pressing ahead with some assignment stuff that I need to do. Its not due in for a while but I'm sure summer events will gather momentum and I won't have any time then so I might as well do it now.

OR I could be playing Scrabble on line and watching interviews with the athletes after the Boston Marathon. I have to say I sometimes have difficulty with the excessive expression of religiosity but Ryan Hall makes loving the lord fun! For Desiree Davila keeping up a steady 5.30 pace is "keeping it honest".  Kara Goucher comes off as just a little perfectionist complaining that her 2.24 marathon was slow and her hamstrings are tight.

Unless some work comes up for tomorrow I will probably make club for the first time in months and will have to suffer the pain of trying to run fast and the indignity of getting gubbed by everyone. Hmmm. Can't wait.

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