Thursday, 14 April 2011

I had a headache but I didn't take anything ferret.

Yesterday WAS  a long day at work. 8am to 9pm, and during that time I can only remember drinking tea. There's probably no mystery then as to why today I woke up with a bit of a headache. Not a thumping headache  but just a bit of tension over my left eye. Its a shame. I so look forwards to my days off but sometimes work takes a bit of recovering from. Stoically, I went out for my run without taking any painkillers - it never got worse but it never got any better either.

I went for another home-made speed session up on the Meadows. Apparently its the easter holidays. There were an awful lot children. I didn't mind the children per se, but its tricky running past them and their mothers. You daren't run between mother and child because if the children get startled they run for their mothers even if that means running right into your path and the place of greatest danger. Like foolish sheep. Haha. I enjoyed my run but I was a bit grumpy.

Some young people had a ferret on a lead. I would have liked to hang around to see how ferrets and dogs interact in a park setting, but I was, after all, out for a speed session, so had to move it along. I did the same session as last time; ran easy up one side of the Meadows and then booted it down the other side. It splits up into very nearly .75 of a mile each way.

I did 5 times round the Meadows and then went home via the back of Arthur's Seat to extend the distance a bit. 14.07 miles in all. I didn't drink while I was out so was MORE dehydrated when I got home and my head ached still so I popped some paracetamol.

Okay, that's picture number 1 taken care of but why picture no. 2? Well I just wanted to mention that I watched the Coen Bros. film "Burn after Reading" the other night and I really liked it. I think the critics had a bit of a go at it for being light but it was exactly that quality I liked about it. It is the first time I've ever liked Brad Pitt in a film. Usually he makes me bristle and when he plays serious roles I get the impression that he's walking around thinking how good he looks - that he's shallow and narcissistic. Well in this film he plays a rather shallow, narcissistic gym-bunny and I was actually sad when...but I better not tell you that, in case you haven't seen it and you want to. It also doesn't suffer from being too long which is a great quality in a film.

My headache didn't go away so I had some ibuprofen as well and that seems to be doing the trick. And I'm trying to discipline myself not to spend too long staring into the flickering light.


karinsmiles said...

I love Frances McDormand's sensible shoes in the photo, she looks completely out of place. Brad Pitt is great in Burn - "You thinks it's a Schwinn!" is my favourite line.
Have you seen 'A Serious Man'?

Yak Hunter said...

I haven't seen it but I've just googled it and it looks must see!
I particularly liked Brad's little dance with his arms while he's waiting in the car listening to music...