Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Downhill with the Wind Behind.

A genius speed session today. Given the fearsome wind there was no point in giving myself a hard time. I went up for a session on the Meadows, jogging up one side with the wind in my face and then running "hard" with the wind at my back. It was lovely and warm and a pleasure to be out. The grass and trees have gone crazy green with the sun and the rain this week. I had Underworld on my ipod which nearly made me blow a gasket.

I have to let the madness build to run at speed. I am too aware and have seen too many photos of how it looks...I have to let myself believe that I AM running fast. I was certainly running hard. Having the wind behind you and being on a slight downhill slope doesn't hurt matters at all.

13 and a bit miles in all today. Five laps of the meadows as a speed session. I am so enjoying my day off.
I have been sitting in my sweaty sports kit reading Marco Consani's account of his West Highland Way Race. Will I get sucked into that nonsense? (Not Marco's blog - running 95 miles in the middle of the night.) I wouldn't have thought so. I love reading about that stuff though. I can't tell you how many times I've summited Everest. However in real life I was content just to catch a glimpse of it in the distance with my own eyes. I am only a bit awesome.

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