Thursday, 28 April 2011

De la cuchara a la boca desaparece la sopa

I used to have a friend at university called Tam who's idea of a joke was to tell you the same thing over and over and then assess your reaction. One of his favourites (and mine too really) was to rub his chin and say "De la cuchara a la boca desaparece la sopa - from the spoon to the mouth disappears the soup."

I don't know whether my soup has disappeared or not. I went to the dentist on Tuesday for an innocent check-up, I knew I probably needed a filling replacing but I was not too worried about that. It turned out my dentist Ruby had a cancellation so she said she could go ahead and do it right away if I wanted. I wanted. After much drilling she shook her head and said "We are through to the pulp, you're going to need a root canal treatment." We had a brief chat about just howking the thing out instead. She is against this and I think finds my attitude a little cavalier.

So we did  a root canal treatment and I lay there like a crocodile with my mouth open for about an hour. I knew my jaw would ache after this so wasn't surprised that it hurt, along with my gums for  the rest of the day and most of the night but I thought it would be better by yesterday. However the pain and tightness in my gum just kept getting worse despite painkillers and I slept about 3 hours last night. I've been down to see Ruby this morning and she reckons its an ulcer at the injection site and that it'll clear up on its own with some bonjela. I think she's right its not the tooth - the tooth isn't sore particularly - its just all around it that's sore. In the meantime its horrible to eat and I'm only getting snatches of sleep. Is my Fling f**ked? I don't want to think so.  But I don't know. I can't really be arsed getting organised for it. Its utterly fruitless to say so but I wish I hadn't gone to the fucking dentist. I wasn't even in pain.


Climbingmandy said...

Oh Mary!!! This is not good. Can she not prescribe you antibiotics? What if it gets worse over the weekend and not better?? Fiona's husband had a nasty infection after his wisdom tooth was removed - you have to be really careful. Are you using salt water to rinse it??

Billy said...

Try Corsodyl mouthwash. I sometimes get a flare-up from a botched root canal job a while back. It comes and goes but this stuff does seem to help. Might be worth a shot?
Hope you can make it!