Friday, 22 April 2011

Still Tapering

Starting to feel pretty fresh! Still no work on the horizon which is worrying in theory although also quite nice. I haven't spent so much time at home in a long time and have done some major cleaning and tidying. Today I woke up naturally at 8am because I'm not overtired anymore and my resting pulse when I got up was down to 42 bpm.

Trying to stay calm and be positive but at the same time feeling that I'm going to disappear up my Zen-like ass if I don't get some ACTION around here sometime soon.

Yesterday was pretty exciting. I read a couple of papers on ethical decision-making as preparation for a future piece of course-work on ethics, boundaries and supervision. I then set off for B & Q at Powderhall for to purchase a floor mop. We used to have one, but where is it? And how long haven't we had one for? Anyway, the one I got is the biz. In the past we had those flat-headed one's with a spongey bit on the bottom which won't really go into nasty nooks and crannies i.e. between the cooker and the fridge. This time I got  a super lightweight one with a telescopic handle and a microfibre mop-head. Swoosh, swoosh, its clean!

Today, well, today I'm allowed a run. Probably a quick turn around the Seat, Tomorrow -  Norman's Law Hill race which looks fun and its only short. Hopefully it'll take the edge off. I've got a series of interviews for my counselling course next Wednesday and I'm worried that I'm going to be manic by then.

My inner dude is telling me,  "Just ride the beautiful energy man!!!" - just as long as I don't come out with any of that shit in my interview we'll be fine.

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