Thursday, 18 November 2010

Surf's Up

To make up for skipping ANOTHER club night last night, and to get some of what light there is, I went out a long run today from North Berwick to Portobello.I went round the coast at Gullane, had a coffee and lion bar stop at Aberlady and then onwards to Portobello where I caught a bus at the Joppa end of the Prom. It was just shy of 22 miles, my legs were aching and the thought of dodging prom folk and then the remaining trudge into Leith was too much for today. Still - it wasn't a bad run at all.

I took my old camera for entertainment but was too stingy to throw out the half used batteries that were already in it which is a shame because yesterday's stormy weather had really whipped the sea up, despite the air being relatively calm. I got some pictures of the waves hammering in to shore before the batteries died. At Aberlady I had to choose between batteries or food so I chose the latter.

Back to work tomorrow. Cross-country Saturday.

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