Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow Business

Very grumpy today. Slept 12 hours straight but still tired when I got up. My head was beating whether with dehydration or a bit of hangover (drank a little yesterday - but not much). When we woke up the world was in white-out and you couldn't see Arthur's Seat from our house which is barely a mile away. We decided it definitely wasn't a day for driving to the Pentlands, just too much chance of getting stuck somewhere, so it was time to go and utilise Arthur's Seat.

The good citizens of Edinburgh had been exceedingly busy and there was a snowman/woman or animal every 40 feet or so, scattered through the Queen's Park like statues. I was glad to be out and the sun was warm but I couldn't match Peter's somewhat excessive enthusiasm for every inch of land and sky. AMAZING! AMAZING! he announced and I swore never to make him a coffee again. He usually only drinks tea, if that, and I think the caffeine was just too much for him.

We wanted to get a decent sized run in so covered pretty much every route around Arthur's Seat that we know, except the one over ice-clad rocks above a sheer drop-off which I didn't fancy. We were doing a finishing turn of the bog but Peter wanted to get up high one last time to see what was happening with the sunset so we crested just at the shoulder of the student entrance to Arthur's Seat and there was a veritable crowd scene - possibly 80 people all getting in each other's way and sledging down the main path and turning it to ice when there was acres and acres of more free ground if they'd care to walk another quarter mile or so. I realised it could be worse, I could be shopping in Princes Street, or fighting my way through the German Market drinking Gluhwein and throwing punches.

Another weekend goes by just like that and I have my homework still to do for school tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Your photos are wonderful. We didn't get out until late in the afternoon and the light was changing by the minute so we kept stopping to say 'Wow!' as well.

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

amazing photos! only in Edinburgh do they have posh snowmen like that, i bet they had organic carrots for noses