Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A saunter round the seat

Today's run was the '8 mile loop';  - round Arthur's seat, then down the Innocent Railway path and back up via Duddingston and then home. Both of our legs felt a bit rusty as we hadn't run since Saturday. We unfortunately 'had to' speed up in the 1st mile (I like to take this really easy), because a jogger with furry ear protectors was trying to run alongside us. We had to teach her a lesson at much cost to my breathing  and composure.

The plan was to strike a balance - to get a bit of running in without knackering ourselves for club tomorrow. (I still aspire to go even though it must be 8 weeks now since I've made it). We threw in 8 or 9 strides along the way just to sharpen us up. I try to do these at '5K pace' - this ranged from sub 6min pace to 7.30 pace, so is probably an accurate reflection of my 5K pace!

It was a beautiful day - all the more so after 2 days of misery and wetness - so Peter had brought the camera along and stopped along the way to take pictures. The game then was to subtly increase my pace so it was harder for him to catch me than it ought to be....to make him feel old. Nice?

Most notable - apart from both of our various injuries having receded back to manageable levels was that we ran into John Forker who had been out buying DVDs so he could have a film fest when he got home. He looked to be moving well. Nice to see him!

Then home to - hot showers? No. It is my annus horribilis for plumbing! And thats not a metaphor! Nothing wrong with my water-works....Just the shower's broken. So its a nice sponge down in the shower with a bucket of hot water. Somebody less well mentally balanced might think that Jesus, or someone, wants me to get better at looking after the practical details of the house this year.

Apparently I'm not essential for helping at the WOL half this Saturday, so might just do it as a training run. Sunday will be the beginning of the Borders XC series. Looking forwards to it.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, that jogger in the furry earmuffs was me! I was gutted you didn't hang back to admire them.

Only joking, I'm more of a Buff person myself and I think I go downhill slower than you go up. It was a glorious day indeed.

Yak Hunter said...

Damn you had me going there!

sandymacd said...

I like the picture of the lovely autumn leaves. Hope there are still some there when I next get out for a run. I am told we can expect sludge over next few days...