Saturday, 6 November 2010

Confessions of an infra-runner

the banks of the Water of Leith are pretty wet and muddy

(mouse's eye view)

This morning dawned sunny and bright. The much longed-for weekend had arrived and the running world was my oyster - the only hitch being I felt tired and lack-lustre - the toxic consequence no doubt of too much work! We got up but shillied and shallied and could not settle on a specific run. I had it in mind that I wanted to run 17 miles to bring the weekly mileage up a bit from the low 20s. Ideally off-road, ideally somewhere new. Noon found me in my pyjamas, lying on the sofa in front of the fire,  reading a book on existential therapy and death anxiety and we were no further forward. Peter growled, I growled back. He said he was going out running anyway - got changed and disappeared into the computer room where he's mixing a new mega-mix of - well I'll call it super-ambient music. A new genre! Which reminds me, someone at work yesterday told me he was only into beatless music - when I asked him how that went he delivered a long whistling moan and stalked off...

At about 2pm, after some inner struggle and down-sizing big ideas to small bite-sized chunks of reality I thought maybe I could be arsed to go my tiddliest run - and so it was that we went a short hard blast round Leith in what was now a light, cold rain. It was approximately the route I first took Peter out running before he  started running properly and burned him off on the home straight...Those were the days...there was no burning Peter off today but I felt better for getting out. 

Now I'm confused about what to do tomorrow. Had planned to go a long run today and then do the Lasswade XC tomorrow but maybe now I need a longer run tomorrow? Lets worry about that tomorrow. Today is the last day of my 43rd year and I'm slightly disappointed because if I was a year older I'd be going up an age category with all the benefits that can bring...

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