Sunday, 7 November 2010

Birthday Run - Mb2NB

(random scary stuff at the Pans)

There was much less messing about this morning. Woke up feeling good and the sun was shining so we decided pretty quickly that we'd go a long run. We decided to hop on the train to Musselburgh to miss out the first bit out of Edinburgh which is all pavement and not much fun - so got day return tickets to North Berwick which are only a little more than a single.

I've had a pain in the muscle on the inside of my right shin for the last couple of runs I've done so I decided to defy the fashionistas and dare to ware my lower legs Skins. It was cold but I don't like wearing tights and I think keeping the area warm probably helped as much as anything else - anyway, I had no problems at all. Apart from Peter's teasing me about looking weird and then saying "No, no you look fine" in a not very believable way.

The sun was warm but the air was cool and as we got to about Aberlady the temperature was dropping and the light was going. We went round the nature reserve and then started to realise our chances of catching the 4.20 train back to Edinburgh from North Berwick were getting thinner. We made a heroic attempt, raising the pace into and through Gullane and along into NB, running the 4 or 5 quickest miles of the day but it was too big an ask. We missed the hourly train by 6 or 7  minutes so decided that plan B. would be to find a pub and keep warm until the next train. This worked out very well and the time flew by and pretty soon we were making our way home. Despite starting at Musselburgh we still ran over 21 miles which is the longest run by some way that either of us has done in a while, but it didn't feel too bad. (Probably helped by long hill runs.)
Great day out. Looking forwards to more long training for the Fling!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Your Skins look very professional. Did you manage your leap across the burn without wet feet?

Yak Hunter said...

nearly! (which I guess means no!) It was your blog that gave me the idea of running through the Dalmeny Estate the other day, so thanks for that!