Friday, 3 September 2010


I have never approached marathon training in quite such a haphazard way as I have  this one. As I go into it some of my more acute physical complaints have resolved and I am carrying what is probably about the usual amount of niggles; left knee's dodgy on the downhills, also, probably connected sore left hip and achy left hamstrings. Left arm, I can't lift above shoulder height. (I believe this is a sleeping injury.) (Hey, maybe I've had a stroke and not realised?) Long runs have been sporadic...and mixed in quality. What's gone well has been the hill training. I can notice a real difference at club hill sessions on the uphills. But Moray's a relatively flat marathon...

So for this marathon - hopes? Aspirations? If I could keep it under 3.40 I'd say that would be a good effort on present form and minimal training. I might even try to pace it with this in mind which would mean setting off more sedately than all other marathons. My mind has floated off to the Pentland Skyline which I would like to make a better job of this year. So the marathon will be a good hard training run for that in terms of endurance.
I'd like it to be a sunny day and I'd like to enjoy it - something other marathoners have claimed to do but I can't say I ever have.

Thank you to my well-wishers during my recent struggles with the Duke of Argylls! Good luck to other racers out there this weekend. It'll be nice to be out racing.

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