Sunday, 12 September 2010


I thought I better give the title "Pentlands Run" a bit of a rest....but it was a Pentlands run none-the-less. Both of us are  a bit done in and defeated by marathon running. After our park run exploits yesterday we both had an afternoon nap, and after watching a bit of some Romanian film (Tales from the golden age, don't bother) I was back in bed by 10.30pm. I'm reading Freud's Murder, Mourning and Melancholia and enjoying (aspects of) it at the moment but I fell asleep with my head on the page within 10 minutes and pretty much slept through til 10 this morning.

Today was meant to be brighter than yesterday and we thought that we should do something in the hills or on a trail, maybe go a bit further afield than usual, but in the end we just went to the Pentlands again. We're planning on doing the Skyline again this year so we thought we'd follow the law of specificity and run some of the course.

So we took it very easy - ran Turnhouse, Carnethy, bumped into Sandy MacDonald and had a bit of a natter, then Scald Law, S. Black Hill, E & W Kips, the Drove Road, Hare Hill, picnic on top - new favourite running snack Power Bar chocolate protein bars - then Black Hill, Bell's Hill (or "That Bastard Bell's Hill" if you're getting a bit tired).  Peter took me a "new" way off Black Hill by the way, through razor sharp burnt heather and lacerated my shins. On, on over Harbour Hill, Whosit hill (I've forgotten what the next one's called) and then round on the red road past Castle Law Hill and down on now sensitive feet on the hard stoney path and back to the car.

I feel renewed and good again. It wasn't too bad at all. I can't help feeling that Richard Cunningham may have spoiled the Skyline by doing it twice in a row as a training run, making sport of us mere mortals and our sensitive feet. But what can you do?

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kate said...

glad to hear you're enjoying running again.