Sunday, 26 September 2010

2 Brew in Pictures.

What the Garmin said. Apparently Trahenna was nearly vertical. It certainly felt it.

Picture above stolen from Carnegie Hillbillies
Thank you Neil G Campbell

So pleased to be finally summiting Trahenna and Ranjit (just ahead) suggested we should run for the camera. I thought I would surpass myself by not only running but doing an impression of Mrs Doyle (off Father Ted) as well.

You WILL, you WILL, you WILL...

2nd last 2 photos taken from SHR flickr site. Peter tells me it was Anne Nimmo taking the photos. I was too spaced out to know really.


SarahW said...

Great run! It was sooo tough though! You were just in front of me all the way round. I was totally spaced out from about the first 5 mins to the end- I don't think I came round until I had that pint of ale in my hand at the hall!

Yak Hunter said...

Hi Sarah. I agree, very very tough. I backed out of doing this race in 2008 because I thought it was going to be too much so was very pleased to do it and enjoy most of it yesterday. I was jealous of everyone swilling ale though - I was the designated driver.
I was aware of you behind me but I only realised after that you were a Helensburgh runner. Good club! Julia Henderson is ex-Portobello and we see her and Andrew at quite a few races.