Saturday, 25 September 2010

2 Brew!

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This week has been like the fortunately, unfortunately joke. You know the one. A man jumps out an airplane. Fortunately he's wearing a parachute. Unfortunately the parachute won't open. Fortunately he lands in a haystack. Unfortunately there's a pitchfork in the haystack.  Fortunately he misses the pitchfork....

So this week I started my  new course, and fortunately it seems great, unfortunately its pretty expensive. Fortunately I got a totally unexpected gift of £1000 from my mum! Unfortunately I put the van in for a service and it needed so much done it cost £1092!

Fortunately I was going to run the 2 Breweries at the weekend, unfortunately by Thursday it was pouring with rain but fortunately it stopped. Unfortunately I got a cold but fortunately I didn't feel all that bad, so fortunately I decided to go ahead and run the damn race anyway and... it was great. Peter had told me it was arduous but he'd forgotten to tell my that its got long slow climbs which I like and lots and lots of good runnable stuff; sometimes missing in the hills. Unfortunately I didn't know the way and I'm not keen on trying to read maps but fortunately I followed the right people and then when I found I was on my own I made the right decisions.

I passed a few folk in the latter stages, even whilst going up Trahenna, and then miracle of miracles I passed 3 more people on the way down the hill (one of whom was a girl, yeah!). I wasn't keen to run hard on the road at the end but I forced myself as recompense for dropping out of Moray ... and managed to hold off 3 burly blokes in purple (I thought it was the girl coming for me).

Somehow I've compensated for Moray and I now no longer consider myself at high risk of DNFing.

After the race there's a punishingly long walk to the village hall but its compensated for by a big salty lunch of bread, soup and pizza, (and cakes and tea), and a sea of prizes and a ton of beers as prizes and free beers for the non-driving participants.

Unfortunately I'd gone through at the toe of my left foot of my running socks but fortunately I won a pair of running socks in a spot prize. Unfortunately they were pink but fortunately they will soon be brown...

It was a strong field and the winning times were spectacular. Peter will do a more coherent report I'm sure. It was a happy band in the Berlingo (me, Peter and Michael Geoghegan) on the way home as the sun set behind the Pentlands.

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