Friday, 8 May 2009

Wild and Woolly

Windy, wild and rainy day. Day off and working the weekend so figured I'd need to do some kind of long run. Third day in a row running and a bit tired and bleary so set off with good intentions that I wasn't really able to follow through on. None the less, what am I giving myself a hard time for? 15.3 miles; up the WOL, back via the canal and the meadows. There was a strong west wind so set off into it and got some benefit on the way back. The Water of Leith was swollen and brown from the rain over night. There were very few runners. It was nicer outside than it looked.

9.06 pace, 15.3 miles, av HR 148.

Before I went out I entered the Stornoway half marathon and bought a flight to go there on the morning of the race. Due to work commitments I thought I was going to have to miss out AGAIN as I couldn't get away in time on the Friday to travel there. I thought that once again I'd just hear about the fun from Peter and Ben until it occurred to me that I might be able to fly. I can't really afford it and its a bit naughty for the ozone layer but I'm as excited about the flight as I am about the race. I'll have an hour once I get there to get to the start. Who do I think I am BONO or someone? Yes I am, I'm Bono! It would be nice if I could run a good race.
I am absolutely knackered from running into that wind. Tea, toast and feet up!
Sunny Intervals
Temp: 12°C
Wind: W 23mph
Hum: 55%
Press: 998mB
Vis: Very good

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